Sunday, February 25, 2018


It’s been 4 years since I left Colombia and started to live in Russia. Since then my road has been full of adventures, some good and others not as much, but what really matters is that I’ve enjoyed as much as I could.

When I tell people that I’ve been living so long in this country they ask me: Why? And believe it or not it’s a hard question to answer because there’s a lot of beautiful things in this country, and the people I’ve met make me feel at home. And it’s for that question that I’ve decided to create this project, I want to show my friends out there the reasons why they should visit Russia, why they should give it a change and get to know this country that gets judged so wrongly at times.

Here by no means I’m trying to post things you could easily find in other blogs. What I want to focus on are those little things that make Russia special bearing in mind that I live in Moscow but from time to time I try to go to some other cities.